Our product offering covers everything from illness to financial disaster

Basic health and auto insurance may be important, but they cover only a portion of what most residents need. What do people do if they get cancer, for which the full cost of treatment is often not covered by standard medical insurance? What do they do if they lose their jobs and are unable to pay their mortgages?

Your agents need to be able to offer a variety of insurance products to help customers get the full protection they need for all the curveballs they can be thrown. Agent Marketing Solutions helps them connect with the customers who need these products, including high-quality leads and top contracts.

Types of insurance products we work with

Many of the insurance products we work with are for older adults, though some can certainly be marketed to younger adults, as well. Some of the types of insurance products we work with include:

  • Whole life insurance. This basic life insurance plan can be sold to customers at any age since it has a lower premium to begin and offers lifetime coverage. We can provide leads ranging from young parents to aging professionals.
  • Term life insurance. Seniors are a popular market for term life insurance since they typically cannot get whole life insurance at their age. We’ll help your agents connect with the seniors who need this important coverage.
  • Final expense life insurance. Many seniors may be beyond the age that they need to worry about taking care of dependents left behind after death, but they may still want to ensure burial expenses do not create a burden for remaining family members. Our team will help your agents connect with seniors who still need to provide for these final expenses.
  • Universal life insurance. Seniors who don’t already have whole life insurance can opt for universal life insurance and build toward their benefit. We’ll bring you strong leads for these policies and provide the training to properly promote these products and close the deal.
  • Mortgage protection insurance. You can market these policies to homeowners of all ages. We’ll give you ideas and support for promoting these policies.
  • Medicare supplements and advantage plans. Our ongoing training and support helps your agents understand the complex details of these important policies so they can help their senior customers better understand them.
  • Cancer insurance. Cancer can strike anyone of any age, yet many health insurance plans provide only a minimal amount of coverage for the treatments. Our resources help agents promote these policies to qualified leads who have shown a need for them, such as because of lifestyle factors or a family history.
  • Annuities can help seniors or their heirs get the financial support they need. We’ll help you learn effective ways to explain the benefits of these policies, which many customers can find confusing.
  • Hospital indemnity. Find the patients who are most likely to need intensive or ongoing care to promote these important policies.

Our experienced representatives have worked with these products themselves, so they understand how to help your agents sell them successfully. Our representatives use their experience and thorough market research to identify high-quality leads and deliver top contracts for your agents.

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